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Jet Air Group has partnered with Flight Logistics to provide service for those who wish to experience hassle-free travel. On-demand air charter gives you the flexibility to schedule your business or leisure trip to meet your needs at a moment’s notice.

Our aircraft can fly directly into almost any airport, which can greatly reduce travel times and turn many two-day trips into a one-day trip. We also fly trips to Canada.

Imagine the convenience of being able to simply arrive at the airport, get in the airplane, and go. Enjoy the freedom that comes with no missed connections, no airport security hassles, no lost luggage, and no long lines or any of the other frustrations that typically are associated with flying commercially.

We are committed to safety as a number one priority. We have been serving Green Bay and the surrounding communities since 1999. Our fleet of both turbine and piston aircraft are always operated with professional two pilot crews. Our flight crews are made up of highly experienced pilots and our aircraft are well-equipped with weather detection equipment, terrain awareness, and traffic avoidance systems. Jet service can be arranged upon request.

At Jet Air, Flight Logistics will provide the convenience, flexibility and excellent service our customers demand. Whether it is the most demanding business itinerary or a weekend away with the family, we will ensure you experience the best in private air charter.

Air Carrier Certificate #5DIA195O
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We are continually looking for additional aircraft to expand our fleet in order meet the growing needs of the flying public. If you or your company own or are considering purchasing an aircraft, give us a call and find out more about aircraft management. We can manage your aircraft, provide pilots and give you the opportunity to make extra money from chartering your aircraft.

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