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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Air Charter:

Q. How can I receive a quote and book a flight?

A. Please call our local number (920) 884-3018, or use our online charter quote request form.

Q. What does aircraft charter mean?

A. Chartering an aircraft means that you rent the aircraft and pilot, and you specify where and when you want to go.

Q. Where do you fly?

A. We can fly to any one of approximately 5,000 airports in the United States instead of being restricted to the 500 airports served by the scheduled airlines. We also fly to Canada.

Q. What type of aircraft do you fly?

A. Our fleet consists of Beechcraft King Air 200, King Air C90, and Baron airplanes. The King Airs carry up to eight passengers. They are powered by turboprop engines and are pressurized; therefore they are capable of flying above most weather. The Baron seats up to three passengers, is powered by two piston engines, and is capable of landing at very small airports closer to your final destination. When you contact us for a charter quote, Jet Air will advise which aircraft is best suited to your trip. See our fleet page for more info.

Q. Are pets allowed on your charter aircraft?

A. Yes, we encourage passengers to include their pets when they travel on our aircraft. Kennels may be used, but they are not required.

Q. Will there be other passengers on my flight?

A. No, you have exclusive use and control of the aircraft for the duration of your charter flight. You choose who will be flying with you, and you have complete privacy and security during the entire flight.

Q. Do you serve food and beverages on your flights?

A. Soft drinks, bottled water, beer, liquor and snacks are provided on all flights at no charge. Any type of special catering can be provided with prior arrangements for an additional fee.

Q. How are Jet Air charter pilots selected and trained?

A. Jet Air employs highly experienced charter pilots, and all flights are operated with two-pilot crews for added safety. Pilots are required to undergo frequent training and take an FAA checkride every six months. Simulator training takes place on a recurrent basis to ensure a high level of safety awareness and proficiency.

Q. Isn’t flying commercial airlines much cheaper and faster?

A. It is true that once you’re on your way in an airliner, you’re moving fast. But the increased productivity from being able to arrive at airports much closer to your final destination, and from being able to travel on your schedule instead of the airline’s schedule, is only gained by chartering. Inconvenient airline schedules, delays, and cancellations cause additional travel expenses that aren’t incurred when chartering, such as overnight hotel stays, rental cars, or overpriced last-minute ticket purchases. When you factor in the time and productivity you gain by traveling on your own terms, the cost of air charter seems much more reasonable.


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