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Avionics Upgrade

Thinking about upgrading your avionics? You’ve come to the right place. Jet Air Group offers an avionics shop capable of installing and servicing avionics from a wide range of manufacturers. Jet Air can also assist you with inspections such as static and transponder checks. Whether you need a replacement push-to-talk switch, ADS-B installation, or an entirely new instrument panel, we’ve got you covered no matter what size of aircraft. We work on them all.

Jet Air Group is a FAR Part 145 Certified Repair Station (CRS). We also partner with an interior shop located on-site. If your airplane will be in for avionics work, you can have your maintenance and interior work done at the same time.

With the 2020 ADS-B deadline now less than four years away, the FAA is rolling out a $500 rebate incentive program to encourage earlier equipage for up to 20,000 operators of fixed-wing, single-engine piston aircraft. Read the rest of the article at AINonline.com

Please call Jason our Avionics manager at (920) 497-4900 for more information, or email him at jason@jetair.net

Services Provided

  • IFR Pitot Static 2-Year Recertification
  • Transponder 2-Year Recertification
  • ADS-B Installations
  • RVSM Checks
  • AAIP (Radio) Inspections
  • Garmin WAAS Upgrades
  • Custom Avionics Installations
  • Custom Machined Instrument Panels
  • Bench Testing and Repair
  • Instrument Exchange
  • Compass Swings
  • CVR Beacon Testing
  • Emergency Power Supply Inspections and Deep Cycles
  • GPS Database Updates

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