Jet Air to Host ADS-B Seminar March 10

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) has been a popular topic of discussion since the FAA its final rule in 2010. The rule came with a mandate that aircraft be equipped with ADS-B “Out” technology by January 1, 2020 in … Read More

Shadin Enhances Fuel Flow Transducers

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Shadin Avionics announced a minor TSO design change to their industry standard fuel flow transducer enabling increased temperature range and performance of the product. The new transducer configuration is rated for 100 degrees C, increased from 70 degrees C, enabling … Read More

Latest Avionics Technology Geared Toward Enhancing Safety, Preventing Loss-Of-Control

What if pilots had a technological wingman to help prevent loss-of-control accidents? Loss of control inflight (LOC-I), according to an FAA fact sheet, is currently the leading cause of fatal general aviation accidents. Last year’s FAA Safety Standdown focused on … Read More

Video Review of iPad Mini vs. Full-Size iPad in Flight

Shopping for an iPad to use in flight, whether for yourself or your favorite pilot? Decisions, decisions… AvWeb’s editorial director Paul Bertorelli compares the iPad Mini with full-size iPads in this video: [youtube]   The video includes the specs, … Read More

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