Aircraft Based at Austin Straubel Int’l Airport (KGRB) in Green Bay, WI

Jet Air Group offers a variety of well-maintained rental aircraft for flight training and personal use. Please call (920) 494-2669 for more information on obtaining a rental checkout. Renters have access to, an online scheduling system, where it’s quick and easy to reserve a rental aircraft on a first-come, first-served basis.

For current pricing on rentals, please see our rates page.

Cessna 152

Cessna 152

  • Two seats
  • Simple and easy-to-fly trainer
  • Great for economical VFR flying
  • 100-knot (115 mph) cruise speed
  • 110 HP
  • N4278L is a 1978 model.

Cessna 172

Cessna 172 - N575SP

  • Four seats
  • Very popular for its all-around utility as a trainer and personal aircraft
  • 110 to 120-knot (126 to 138 mph) cruise speed
  • N575SP is a 180-HP fuel injected C172S

Cessna 175

Cessna 175

  • Four seats
  • 1,025-pound useful load – bring family and friends!
  • Excellent short-field performance
  • Contant-speed propeller
  • 110-knot (126 mph) cruise speed
  • N7952T is a 1960 C175A with a Lycoming 180-HP engine (direct-drive), refurbished instrument panel, and IFR-certified Garmin GNS430.

Piper PA-24-180 Comanche

Piper Comanche - complex aircraft

  • Four seats
  • A smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride for cross-country travel
  • May be used to earn a complex aircraft endorsement (has retractable landing gear, controllable-pitch propeller, and flaps)
  • Good for instrument training
  • 135-knot (155 mph) cruise speed
  • N7239P is a 1960 Piper Comanche with 180 HP, an IFR-certified Garmin GNS430, and autopilot.

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche Multiengine Aircraft for Rent in Green Bay and Sheboygan

  • Four seats
  • Multiengine trainer
  • Comfortable, well-equipped IFR cross-country aircraft
  • Garmin GNS430 & Garmin GPS 150XL, VOR/ILS, DME, ADF, HSI, stormscope, radar altimeter, & S-Tec 60-2 autopilot with altitude hold
  • Fast and efficient; Long-range fuel tanks (128 gallons), LoPresti speed mods, cruise up to 170 knots (195 mph)
  • Two 160-HP Lycoming engines

Cirrus SR22

Cirrus SR22 aircraft in flight

  • Four seats
  • High performance, technically advanced aircraft
  • IFR-equipped with the Avidyne Entegra glass cockpit and dual Garmin GNS430s
  • XM Weather data
  • Two-axis autopilot
  • Travel fast at up to 175 knots (200 mph)
  • 310 HP; may be used to obtain a high performance aircraft endorsement
  • Whole-airframe CAPS parachute for safety
  • Roomy, car-like interior with leather seats and airbag-equipped seatbelts
  • Instrument rating and high performance endorsement required for solo rentals


Interested in airplane rental? We will be happy to set you up. Please call (920) 494-2669.