Experience the excitement of flying an airplane during an introductory hands-on flight lesson at Jet Air Group in Green Bay. Discovery flights includes 30 minutes of ground instruction and 30 minutes flying with an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI).

Your instructor will first guide you through a pre-flight inspection, where you’ll learn about the airplane’s parts and flight controls. Then it’s time to fly! Once you’re airborne, you’ll fly basic maneuvers such as straight-and-level flight, climbs, descents, and turns — all from the pilot’s seat. You’ll get to see local landmarks from the air as you fly around. You’ll be able to record the lesson in a pilot logbook.

The discovery flight will give you a taste of what it’s like to fly and be a pilot. Your instructor will be able to answer your questions about flight training. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for further lessons.

The cost of a discovery flight is $99 plus tax. We can custom-design a discovery flight package if you would like a longer flight.


How to Request Discovery Flights

Our discovery flights are available year-round by appointment. To schedule a discovery flight or purchase a gift certificate over the phone, please call Pilotsmith at 920-415-2FLY (2359). You can also go to Pilotsmith.com to request a discovery flight and to purchase online.

Gift Certificates

A discovery flight makes a great gift! A discovery flight gift certificate is a popular gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, graduations, or “just because.” Do you know someone with an adventurous spirit who would enjoy the memorable experience of flying an airplane? A discovery flight gift certificate will give them that opportunity.

Gift certificates are available at our Green Bay location during our regular business hours in the flight school office or at the FBO front desk. We are also able to accept your credit card over the phone and mail you the gift certificate. Discovery Flight certificates can be purchased online directly from the flight school at: Pilotsmith.com


Discovery Flight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What type of aircraft will I fly?

You’ll fly one of Jet Air’s entry-level training aircraft, such as the Cessna 152, Cessna 172 or Cessna 175. Please see our fleet page for pictures and more information. All of our training aircraft have dual controls, meaning both the student and the instructor can control the aircraft.

May I bring a friend or family member?

If you take a discovery flight in one of our four-seat airplanes, you’ll have the opportunity to bring up to two passengers along on your discovery flight. Each airplane has weight limitations. Please inquire about passengers when you book your flight. We normally can take one extra adult or two extra children in our four-seat aircraft. There is no additional charge for passengers. Our two-seat Cessna 152 cannot accommodate additional passengers.

Where will I fly?

You will take off from Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport and stay relatively close to the airport, generally within 20 miles. You will see the local area, including Lambeau Field, the bay of Green Bay, the Fox River, and the city of Green Bay. You are welcome and encouraged to bring a camera.

Will I have to do the takeoff and landing?

No, the instructor will demonstrate the takeoff and landing.

Are there any age restrictions?

Discovery flights are best suited to students age 15 and up, but younger students are welcome. Younger students may sit in the pilot or copilot’s seat at the instructor’s discretion. Students under age 18 will need permission from a parent or guardian. There are no age restrictions to begin flight training. The FAA requires a student pilot to be at least 16 years old to fly solo and at least 17 to earn a private pilot certificate.

Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Yes, but we can accommodate most customers with the right combination of aircraft and instructor. Please check with us if you have any concerns. The cockpits of general aviation aircraft tend to be small. Height is not usually an issue unless you are very tall. Weight can be more of an issue depending on whether the airplane has two seats or four seats. Generally a pilot should weigh less than 225 pounds for a two-seat airplane and 275 pounds for a four-seat airplane, but we may be able to accommodate customers outside this range. In a four-seat airplane, the pilot and instructor’s combined weight, along with fuel load, will influence the maximum weight of passengers.

Are reservations required?

Yes, please call ahead to schedule your discovery flight. We can sometimes accommodate same-day requests. Scheduling a few days to a week ahead of time is best.

What if the weather is poor for flying on the day of my flight?

We will call you to reschedule the flight in case of inclement weather. You are also welcome to check with us by calling the office.

Do you fly in the winter?

Yes, we fly year-round and the aircraft have heaters. Please dress appropriately for the outside weather conditions.

What if I do not want to actually fly the aircraft?

You are not required to take the flight controls. Your instructor can conduct the flight as a demonstration if you would prefer not to try the controls yourself. We offer sightseeing flights for those who are interested in going for a ride instead of taking a lesson.




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