PFC CRX AATD Flight Simulator at Jet Air Group in Green Bay, WIA flight simulator is a cost-effective tool for learning flight procedures and practicing real-world scenarios in a controlled environment.

Jet Air’s Precision Flight Controls CRX AATD simulates a wide variety of aircraft, weather conditions, locations, and system malfunctions. The cockpit features realistic flight controls, avionics, and instruments. A large wraparound screen simulates the pilot’s view in high-resolution detail. A separate instructor station allows complete control and analysis of the scenario.

Our simulator is especially useful for learning and practicing instrument flying skills such as navigation, holding procedures, and instrument approaches. The well-equipped instrument panel includes a simulated Garmin GNS430W GPS and autopilot.

Cockpit of Jet Air Group's PFC CRX AATD flight simulatorSimulated Aircraft:

Cessna: 152, 172P, 172R, 172S, R182, TR182, 182T, T182T, 206H, 414A, 421C

Beechcraft: A36, A36TC, B95, 58, 58TC, 76

Diamond: DA20-C1

Mooney: M20J, M20K

Piper: Archer III, Arrow III, Turbo Arrow III, Arrow IV, Turbo Arrow IV, Warrior II, Seminole, Turbo Seminole, Seneca V

Advantages of simulator training:

  • Complete control over the training environment (weather, time of day, location, traffic)
  • Economical pricing
  • “Pause” button allows discussion
  • Lower cost than flying the airplane
  • Instant repositioning – fly anywhere!
  • No distractions
  • Safely simulate emergencies and equipment malfunctions
  • Make use of “bad weather” days

Logging time:

Our simulator is FAA-approved as an advanced aviation training device (AATD), meaning users may log training time when an instructor is present. The maximum amount of credit depends upon the certificate or rating sought. Instrument-rated pilots may use the AATD to maintain instrument currency in accordance with FAR 61.57. The maximum credit hours below are specifically authorized by the FAA for Jet Air’s simulator.

Maximum loggable credit:

  • Private: 2.5 hours
  • Instrument: 20 hours
  • Commercial: 50 hours
  • ATP: 25 hours

Anyone may use the simulator beyond the maximum hours of loggable credit. The use of a flight simulator throughout instrument training, and even in private training, tends to reduce the overall flight hours needed to become proficient in the airplane.

Wide angle view of the flight simulator at Jet Air GroupHow to Reserve the Flight Simulator

You can an appointment with one of Pilotsmith‘s flight instructors to experience the fun and utility of “flying” our flight simulator. The simulator is also available for “solo” use after an initial checkout with an instructor.

Customers who have an account on our online scheduling system may reserve the simulator in the same manner as an aircraft.

Gift Certificates

Flight simulator sessions make a great gift for anyone interested in aviation! Friends and family members can observe and share the experience. You may purchase a flight simulator gift certificate as a standalone gift or as an add-on to a discovery flight experience. Gift certificates are available in any amount. Please call or stop in to purchase a gift certificate.

Flying the flight simulator - photo by Marshall Art PhotographyContact Us

For more information about flight simulation, please call Pilotsmith @ Jet Air 920-415-2FLY (2359).

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