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About the Instrument Flight Instructor Rating

Adding an instrument rating to your flight instructor certificate allows you to provide instrument training for the issuance of an instrument rating, a type rating not limited to VFR, or the instrument training required for commercial pilot and airline transport pilot certificate. The flight instructor certificate alone does not offer these privileges.

In order to provide the instrument training described above, a flight instructor must hold an instrument rating on both his or her pilot certificate and flight instructor certificate that is appropriate to the category and class of aircraft used.

A flight instructor with an instrument rating is often called a “CFII” or “C-F-double-I” for “certificated flight instructor – instrument,” although it’s not the technically correct term.

Instrument Flight Instructor Ground Training

An instrument flight instructor is expected to have extensive knowledge of instrument flying. Since a instrument flight instructor candidates already have an instrument rating on their pilot certificate, they are assumed to have a good knowledge base. Ground training will be a lot of review with emphasis on how to teach the material.

You may accomplish the ground training requirements for the instrument flight instructor rating through one-on-one ground instruction, a home study course, a ground school class, or a combination of the above.

Instrument instructor candidates need to use and be familiar with several official FAA publications. Jet Air Group offers both FAA materials and supplemental materials from other vendors that will help you in training.

Instrument Flight Instructor Flight Training

Instrument flight instructor candidates will fly IFR maneuvers and procedures from the instructor’s seat of the airplane. They will practice teaching as their instructor simulates being a student.

Candidates who are instrument current and proficient will have an advantage in training. Less time will need to be spent on polishing flight skills and knowledge, so training will progress more quickly.

Instrument flight instructor certificate training requirements are outlined in the FAA regulations. Jet Air conducts instrument flight instructor training under Part 61 of the regulations.

Eligibility for an Instrument Flight Instructor Rating:

Assuming the candidate already has a flight instructor certificate, the instrument flight instructor rating is considered an “additional flight instructor rating.” Therefore, the candidate does not need to take another knowledge test on the fundamentals of instruction or the flight instructor knowledge test.

A candidate for an add-on instrument flight instructor rating must:

  1. Possess an instrument rating on his/her pilot certificate
  2. Pass the instrument flight instructor knowledge test
  3. Receive a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor on the areas of operation required for an instrument flight instructor
  4. Pass the instrument flight instructor practical test

Required Aeronautical Knowledge:

You must receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor on the aeronautical knowledge areas for the instrument rating applicable to the category for which instrument flight instructor privileges are sought.

Required Flight Proficiency:

You must receive and log ground and flight training from an authorized instructor that includes the following areas of operation:

  1. Fundamentals of instructing
  2. Technical subject areas
  3. Preflight preparation
  4. Preflight lesson on a maneuver to be performed in flight
  5. Air traffic control clearances and procedures
  6. Flight by reference to instruments
  7. Navigation aids
  8. Instrument approach procedures
  9. Emergency operations
  10. Postflight procedures

Required Aeronautical Experience:

There are no specific flight experience requirements for flight instructors. Instrument flight instructors must meet the proficiency standards above. The only time requirement is that an instrument instructor candidate must have least 15 hours of pilot-in-command time in the category and class of aircraft appropriate to the flight instructor certificate and rating sought.

Completion time varies based on how often you train, how quickly you learn, how well you study at home, etc. We recommend you schedule at least one session per week, with two or three being more ideal for making steady progress and completing the program in fewer hours.

Overall Cost of Instrument Flight Instructor Training

Each customer is unique, so overall cost of earning a flight instructor certificate will vary. Training cost is directly tied to completion time because instruction and aircraft rental are billed by the hour. Jet Air Group does not offer fixed-price “guaranteed” training programs.

Including flight training, ground training, aircraft rental, books, supplies, and tests, you should budget $2,500 to $3,500. Several companies and organizations offer flight training scholarships. Financing is available to qualified customers through Pilot Finance and other companies that offer aviation loans.

How to Get Started in Instrument Flight Instructor Training

You can start earning your initial flight instructor certificate with Jet Air Group as soon as it’s convenient for you. Please contact us if you’d like to make an appointment to meet an instructor and take a tour. We can help you obtain training materials and set up a schedule. Getting started is easy – all you have to do is give us a call at 920-494-2669.


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