Pilots in Cockpit of a Small Plane Landing

Do you sometimes ride as a passenger in a small airplane? Would you like to learn more about how an airplane works? Have you ever wondered what to do in case of emergency or had questions you were too afraid to ask?

Jet Air Group’s Pilot Companion Course will help you become more comfortable and confident flying in light aircraft. This training is designed for non-pilots who want to learn more about aviation. It focuses on basic concepts without losing you in technical jargon.

Pilot Companion Ground School

The Pilot Companion Course is a four-hour ground school class based on the AOPA Air Safety Institute‘s “Pinch Hitter®” syllabus. Jet Air Group periodically offers this course as a group class. We also offer this training one-on-one by appointment at the regular ground instruction rate.

The ground school covers the basics of:

  • Aircraft control
  • Navigation
  • Radio communication
  • Airport arrival

You will receive hands-on experience in Jet Air’s flight simulator.

Pilots: To promote open discussion in the classroom, this class is open to non-pilots only. Pilots: please encourage your friends and relatives to attend!

Pilot Companion Flight Training

Pilot companion flight training allows you to practice what you learned about in ground school. You’ll have the chance to control, navigate, and even land an airplane.

One-on-one pilot companion flight training and flight simulator sessions are available by appointment (billed at our regular hourly rates). You can choose whether to train in an airplane, the simulator, or both.

The standard “Pinch Hitter®” syllabus includes four flights of about an hour each, plus pre- and post-flight discussion time. However, the training can be completely customized to your individual needs and interests. We can offer anything from a one-time introductory flight lesson to a course that leads to pilot certification.

You can train in one of our rental aircraft, or, with prior arrangements, a personal aircraft. Please call for details.

To Inquire About Pilot Companion Training:

Please contact Jet Air Group’s flight school at (920) 494-2669.



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