Voting for the Green Bay (KGRB) CAA FBO takes place
10/01/2023 - 10/07/2023



Why should you vote Jet Air for KGRB CAA contract?
Here is some information about what sets us apart in Green Bay:
Jet Air Group is locally owned by pilots, for pilots. Each member of the Group is a Green Bay area community member and each is also a pilot.  Jet Air was started as Titletown Aviation in 1969 in the small town of Clintonville, WI. We moved to Green Bay in 1980.

Jet Air has a part 145 repair station and is the oldest Mitsubishi aircraft service center outside of Japan. We also have an avionics shop that performs full custom panel builds. So if you have any pop up maintenance issues, we've got you covered!

In 2011 we built a new FBO and hangar. In 2014 and 2018 we built 2 more hangars. Just last year we completed an expansion of the maintenance shop.

We are the DLA military contract holder and have hosted Marine 1 / Air Force 1 Presidential visits under multiple Presidents. Jet Air has over 120,000 SqFt of heated hangar space and over 1 million SqFt of ramp space. We host around 7 non-profit organization events per year in our one of our four hangars. If you don't have the time to warm up in a hangar, we also offer deicing with both Type 1 and 4. We are the primary deicer for multiple 121 airline operations into Green Bay so our team is experienced and efficient at deicing should your aircraft need it. 
We also have some unique functions that we that are in line with aviation, but outside of what a typical full service FBO might perform. These include private charter TSA screening for the NFL teams flying into or out of Green Bay, as well as EAA charter screening. We also are certified to transport international regulated trash across the state lines of Minnesota, Illinois, and Michigan. We often get calls from military bases around the state to offload international trash and even contract with international cruise ships to offload their 7-10 tons of regulated trash from Chicago/Milwaukee and transport to Green Bay for sterilization so our team is very familiar with international flight process. We even have a full medical office on the second floor of the FBO. Two of the owners are retired doctors that offer on-site flight physicals.

At Jet Air we strive to offer quality service regardless of how big or small the aircraft may be. We have a deep passion for aviation and hope to continue supporting the industry we love any way that we can.

-The Jet Air Team

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