Signature Network Benefits

Jet Air Group is a Signature Select location offering Signature Network Benefits ranging from reward programs, to quick turns, to the world-class service you have come to expect when you visit any location in the Signature worldwide network.

Signature TailWins Rewards
A Rewards Program That’s On Your Flight Level – Globally!
Put even more flair in your landings with Signature TailWins – a rewards program that works as hard as you fly.

Earn points for your fuel and handling purchases at Signature locations – starting from the first day you sign up. Then 
redeem them for rewards that push the envelope, with no ceiling on the number of points you can earn. Use our Signature Flight Support Aviation Card to make your purchases and earn double points. In addition, earn points every time you use your 

Signature Flight Support Aviation Card at any of 7,500 worldwide locations outside the Signature network that accept the Multi Service Aviation Card. And watch throughout the year for special bonus periods when you can earn even more points.
  • Receive points for your fuel and handling purchases
  • Redeem points for big rewards, with no ceiling
  • Start earning points the day you sign up
  • Keep all earned points or split among your crew
  • Take advantage of bonus periods to earn extra points
  • Open to all JetA and AvGas customers

Visit the Signature TailWins web site for more details and to sign up.

Signature QuickTurn
Service for Demanding Travel Schedules

The Signature QuickTurn includes meeting your aircraft on the ramp with the personnel and equipment required to provide the services you requested, including: fuel trucks, GPUs, stairs, lavatory cart, potable water carts, cleaning carts, and cabin services such as coffee, ice, newspaper, and catering. A QuickTurn requires pre-arrival notification (a minimum of one hour prior notice of arrival and an “in range” call to Signature arrival base 15 minutes prior to landing. Contact Jet Air Group – Signature Select at (866) 676-7835 / (920) 494-2669 and via UNICOM 122.95.

Signature Status Rewards
Nothing Like Being Rewarded for Something You’d Do Anyway

Keep choosing Signature and your Signature Status Rewards will reach great heights. That’s it. You choose us. We move you to the head of the line. It’s a program that practically flies itself.

Signature’s worldwide network makes it easy to include the fastest, friendliest, most competitive FBOs in your flight plan – no matter where you’re bound. Simply make our network your network. And aren’t you really just being rewarded for doing something you’d do anyway?

World-Class Signature Service
Signature Service Promise

Land at any FBO in Signature’s growing worldwide network and you’ll receive a warm, friendly Signature greeting. Consistent, exceptional service. Line support that’s expert, safe and ready on the ramp. Clean, comfortable, well-furnished facilities. Customer service representatives who go the extra mile for your passengers and crew. Competitive pricing in every market. And our Signature QuickTurn service for demanding travel schedules.